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Internships / Volunteers


Internships are being provided for:

  • youngsters who had obtained secondary or higher education and cannot find a job due to lack of practical work experience;
  • university students;
  • unemployed youngsters under 24.

Throughout the whole internship, interns will have assigned a supervisor who will organize the provision of youngsters with work, distribute job responsibilities, give the necessary advice and practical assistance. During the internship, youngsters will try out their knowledge and skills, gain new skills and abilities from real work experience in the field of social support for different age groups.

Becoming a volunteer or intern you will earn:

  • feeling that you have applied your knowledge and experience
  • opportunity to impact social processes
  • opportunity to develop and to re-evaluate your values 
  • opportunity to spend your free time usefully
  • new experience, knowledge and information
  • opportunity to support the goals you believe in
  • a broader perspective
  • pride in what has been done and in yourself
  • new friends and acquaintances

We offer those internships:

  • Social Rehabilitation Specialist ( SOCIAL REHABILITOLOGIST )
  • Social Care Specialist
  • Computer graphics specialist

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