Uzziņas:+371 29240963

Uzziņai:+371 29240963

Care center for children, adults and seniors

The goal of Day care center „AGATE” is to provide the social services

Inese Jurisa

Give yourself to peace! Give yourself to light! Give yourself to love! Everything is inside you, the rest is only a reflection.”

About us

Day care center „AGATE” has been founded on October 27th, 2010

Day care center “AGATE” is a multfunctional center:

  • for seniors
  • for seniors with diagnosis dementia (service is being provided by driving to the client’s living place)
  • for adolescents and youngsters (intenship opportunities, volunteer opportunities)
  • provides the services of a psychologist at the living place of client
  • provides the services of a psychologist all week long
  • provides consultations for relatives of the seniors
  • for adults

The tasks of the day care center:

  • cooperation with various Latvian and foreign country organisations (with specialists (experts) from foreign countries)
  • organizing of seminars, courses and training sessions for various target groups
  • organizing of various cultural events dor seniors, seniors with diagnisis dementia
  • informing the society about dementia and people with it
  • implementation of Latvian and European Structural Funds projects
  • providence of internships for unemployed youngsters, university students

We offer:

  • consultations and counseling at day care center every working day
  • educational, skill learning, work abilities teaching
  • representation of children’s interests in court
  • implementation of communication
  • sand therapy and art therapy
  • psychological research of a person ( evaluation / assessment )
  • social programms
  • for youngsters interships are being offered
  • opportunities of volunteering

Our specialists ( experts ):

  • certified family psychologist ( Family therapist / Family counselor / Systemic therapist )
  • certified clynical and health psychologist
  • certified consultative psychologist
  • certified legal psychologist
  • social worker
  • social rehabilitation specialist