Care center for children, adults and seniors 

Day Care Center “AGATE” aims to provide social 


About us


Union “Dienas aprūpes centrs “AGATE”” was founded on 27th October 2010.

On 17th of July 2018, the union AGATE established the 

“Dienas centrs “AGATE”” Ltd.

The day care center AGATE is a multifunctional center:

  • for seniors
  • for seniors with diagnose – dementia (services are provided at the customer‘s residence)
  • for teenagers and young people
  • we provide psychologist services at the customer‘s residence
  • we provide psychologist services throughout the week
  • we provide advice to seniors families
  • for adults

Tasks of the Daily Care Centre:

  • cooperation with different Latvian and foreign organisations (foreign specialists)
  • organisation of seminars, courses and training for different target groups
  • organisation of different cultural events for seniorsseniors with dementia
  • informing the public about dementia and people affected by it
  • implementation of Latvian and European Structural Fund projects
  • providing internship places for the young unemployed and higher education students

We offer:

  •  consultations at the day care center every working day
  • acquisition of professional skills
  • representation of the interests of children in the courts
  • child and parents meeting place
  • arts and sand therapy
  • psychodiagnostic
  • social programs
  • internship for students
  • volunteering jobs

Our specialists:

  • certified family psychologist
  • certified clinical and health psychologist
  • certified advisory psychologist
  • certified legal psychologist
  • social rehabilitate
Inese Jurisa

Feel the calmness!” Feel the light! Feel the love. Everything is in you, everything around you is just a reflection.”


courses for seniors

During computer courses, you will learn how to use the internet, use e-mail and everyday programs for work or communications.

Content of training:

  • How to use a mouse, how to work with tabs
  • Folder creating,  work with folders (deleting, renaming, moving and copying)
  • Text document-making, work with text (MS Word, OpenDocument)
  • Keyboard, keyboard combinations, browsers, browser types – Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • Google search
  • E-mail registration and work with e-mail
  • Letter writing and receiving
  • Skype
  • Internetbank (bill paying online, etc.)

The training is individual.

The duration of training is threedays or 3 academic hours.

Course fee: 20,00 EUR

About care center and dementia…

Services (EUR)

  • Participation in interest groups 1 lesson for seniors3,00
  • Participation in interest groups 1 lesson for children, teenagers, young-adults – 5,00
  • Participation in interest groups 1 lesson for adults – 10,00


  • Counseling psychologist  consultation 60 mins – 30,00
  • Clinical and health psychologist counseling 60 mins – 35,00
  • Legal psychologist counseling 60 mins – 40,00
  • Family psychologist counseling for couples/ groups 60 mins – 45,00
  • Psychodiagnostic and preparation of psychological conclusion from 1-5 days– 170,00
  • Representation in court if the client is unable to secure his or her own interests 60 mins- 45,00
  • Psychologist consultation on the weekend 60 min. – 45,00

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Working hours

Working days: 9:00-17:00


Union “Dienas aprūpes centrs “AGATE””

Reg. Nr. 40008167172

Registered address: Lielvardes street 107-59, Rīga, LV-1084

Business adress: Skolas street 21, 6.floor,

604. kab., Riga, LV-1010

Bank: A/S Swedbank

Bank account: LV06HABA0551029564636